In response to the current problem that cash payments has brought to the African economy and the negative impact on the education sector, a key sector of every economy, Innovative clan’s CEO, Ako Joelle Agborndang announced that the company will be launching it’s core product to tackle this problem.

With the digital move to enable digital payments to solve the problem of lack of traceability and accountability in the education sector, INNOVATIVE CLAN saw it in an opportunity to enable mobile payments in Cameroonian schools. The product which will be officially launched on August 18, 2019 will be an official platform for over two thousand five hundred schools in Cameroon that will kick off the initiative. MINESECPAY will accept payments using the students or parents preferred means of payment. The strong support the solution is having from the Fintech sector of the Country is a strong indication that the solution is timely and comes to solve a major Cameroonian problem. MINESECPAY will render payment of school fees very easy permitting even the parents to pay at the comfort of their zones while avoiding long queues and travelling to schools just to pay fees. The innovation brought by INNOVATIVE CLAN will permit students to pay fees using school code or their matricule number, permit students to view the payment status from whatever operator they paid to and permit students download their receipt. This comes to fully digitise payments in the education sector of the Country. The Chief Marketing Officer, Nfor Carlton Mbunwe during the lauching event emphasised that this solution will be accessible even in rural areas through a USSD solution which will be released in the next days as I-CLAN is well aware of the low internet penetration rate and payments especially in the educations sector concerns all. He even went further to reassure the public that those with no mobile phones, will be assisted by agents of different operators like MTN Cameroon who are are already all over the national territory. It is therefore a new beginning for payments in the Cameroonian market and the education sector in particular.