A mobile application is an application software developed for a mobile electronic device, such as a personal assistant, a cell phone, a smartphone, a digital music player, a touch pad, or even certain computers running the Windows Phone operating system or Chrome OS.

They are mostly distributed from download platforms (sometimes themselves controlled by smartphone manufacturers) such as the App Store (Apple platform), Google Play (Google / Android platform), or the Microsoft Store (Microsoft’s platform for Windows 10 Mobile). But applications can also be installed on a computer, for example using the iTunes software distributed by Apple for its devices. Apps distributed from app stores are either paid or free, but usually with ads.

these are applications available on smartphones, which, for around 10 years, have become essential everyday tools. The mobile developer is in charge of developing the part of the application that runs on the smartphone.


Your smartphone application is entirely designed with you. In general, its creation is part of an innovation process. We will guide you through it and explain the essential concepts to you, without losing sight of the multiple objectives that may be at the origin of this process:

take over, as a third-party solution, on a web application or main software
be a stand-alone application that offers additional services
offer business functions that are specific to you
meet your mobility needs
For each project, our priority is to understand your expectations and your constraints, in order to provide the most suitable solution.

Our agency supports you in all the key phases of your mobile application creation project, whatever the platform. From the very definition of your project to its production, we ensure close monitoring through a defined schedule of deliveries, where exchanges between your teams and ours have their place.

In addition, we consider that each project is unique because it meets specific expectations. Thus, your mobile application is personalized. It will be completely designed for you, so as to meet your needs and requirements.

Our agency has the ability to understand the specifics of any business sector. We develop personalized mobile applications, with many possible themes:

Business applications: used to manage production, monitoring, exchanges, etc.
Leisure: games, social, media
Commerce: online store or service
The possibilities are varied, so it is essential to define your project well. We do this work together, and do not hesitate to question the choices in order to arrive at the most successful and thoughtful end product.

Once developed, if your teams, your objectives, your issues or your processes evolve, so does your application! Indeed, we structure our codes so that they are modular, in addition to ensuring their maintenance once the app is delivered. In this way, we guarantee our ability to develop your mobile application at the same time as you.