USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a protocol that allows you to trigger a service by sending a message. Set up more than twenty years ago, it was already thanks to it that you could consult your Mobicarte balance by typing # 123 # or * 155 #. Answering machine, mobile payment or participation in a contest, the uses are multiple.
Its advantage? Its simplicity. In practice, the user sends a code that connects him in real time to a telephone operator to exchange data. Unlike an SMS, there is no storage in USSD, the information is only available during the opening of the session and then disappears. A protocol that is certainly basic, but which does not require the use of a heavy infrastructure.
This technology, little known in Africa, which abandoned it in favor of mobile web applications as soon as the smartphone arrived, continues to be used extensively around the world and in Cameroon in particular. Where there is no internet network and where certain services are difficult to access, the USSD opens up the possibility of offering mass digital services.
This is the case for the banking sector, for example. In regions of the world where populations are poorly banked, the USSD is a godsend for transforming a simple mobile phone into a support for day-to-day banking operations, as have been done by players such as MTN or Orange Money with the famous “mobile wallets” “. Payment at a beverage dispenser, money transfer, consultation of bank accounts, payment of bills, recharging of phone cards, MINESECPAY Mobile Money (* 127 * 007 #) are all concrete applications offered by the USSD.



Given the low internet penetration in Africa, we have an online (MINESECPAY) and USSD-based solution that allows customers to pay for goods and services no matter where they are. . In this way, every African will now have the right to make purchases and pay easily via their local payment method.

Procedure of Payment of tuitions fees in secondary schools

1 / Dial *126*007# via MTN

2 / Enter the school code, the names and surnames (as shown on the birth certificate), specify the cycle (1st or 2nd cycle) and validate

3 / You will receive a summary message of the transaction containing all the information registered.

In case of validation of the message, a notification will invite you to leave this session and dial *126# to approve your transaction.

4 / Dial *126#, on the screen will appear a message asking you to confirm your operation by entering your PIN code

5 / You will receive a message confirming your payment. Please keep the payment reference (Pay ID) as it is the proof of your payment.