Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To make our customers lives easier.

We believe that the greatest purpose for technological innovations is to improve on our way of life by making available tools that can be used to perform our regular daily operations in a much simpler and easier manner. That’s why at I-Clan, we work very hard very to ensure that if there is a possible simpler procedure to get things done, we implement it.

Our mission cuts across different sectors of the economy. Today we have developed solutions in many sectors. Our mission is recursive, in the sense that it makes us revisit our solutions for further optimizations.


Our Vision

To lead innovation by providing life changing digital solutions

We have as vision to become industry leaders within the tech space in Africa. We challenge ourselves with continuous work and dedication to remain at the top of what we do. We are pace setters, we are leaders in the African tech innovation ecosystem. That is the vision we have.

Our Vision is a global statement that guides the immediate goals and culture at I-CLAN. We have strategic annual vision set at the beginning of every year. Still inline with our global vision statement, our annual vision helps us better orientate resources short term, to meet expected target.

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