1st May Celebration at ICLAN


Labor day celebration for the mental labourers at ICLAN.

In Arnold J. TOYNBEE’s words “The Supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work
and play ”

Many people often ask how software developers have fun or live “normally” away from their computers or life outside coding as they spend majority of their time glued to their screens searching for a bug or coding for a new door into another dimension especially when they know it will provide long lasting solutions to many problems.

One may be led to believe that fun to tech gurus is only determined by the new innovations they come up with.

ICLAN prides itself by truly living unto its name by being a clan and not being hesitant to press “pause” on work and throw in a bit of fun when need arises. It should be no surprise because a family that techs together, celebrates together and Labor day was one opportunity out of many to take out time to celebrate the efforts of everyone at ICLAN  because we are more than just a network of people who labor and strive to reach the goal of the company. We are a tribe,a clan.

The CFO Ms. Efuet Flora did not fail to use the opportunity to reiterate on how much of a family we are and how valued everyone at ICLAN is for the work they put in to make ICLAN better. We at ICLAN can not overemphasize on how much of a family we believe we are.
Labor day celebration was also an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of ICLAN women and a reminder that women should dare to take up space and venture into paths that are less traveled by women.

Sharing is caring and we do it better at ICLAN whenever need arises to share with one another without holding back. Food is a culture and an identity and we seize every opportunity to identify in that aspect thanks to our amazing operations lead Ms Faith Assonyu who made sure the celebration was worthwhile with enough to make a good feast with food and drinks.

We live for beautiful experiences which turn to amazing memories over the years. Memories that you look back and relive those moments that your heart skipped a beat because it was too happy or you think of all the people who made you laugh so much that your face hurt. At ICLAN,we live a print in the lives of our employees, clients and all those we come across.

As tradition, whenever we gather, we take pictures of everyone and in this regard we decided to take some pictures to mark the celebration at ICLAN. To us, they are more than just pictures.

They are memories forever frozen in time

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