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 We are excited to announce our new digital products and solutions into the markets. We have been working hard to come up with more solutions for schools,businesses and individual hassles as far as communication,payment of fees and business promotions is concerned.  You must have heard about solutions before but we assure you that our solutions are best and long term. Have fun as you explore and incase of any inquiries, kindly let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our products.



Effective engagement with parents and guidance of students is important and has been made easier than never before with our latest solution “schooly”. Parents have new demands and expectations for engaging with their kid’s schools as they expect the transparency of their child’s education and their wellness in the school milieu.


Taking into consideration the various messages to send to parents, ranging from general information to crisis and health awareness, your school now has the best time management, reliable and effective plan in place.


The parents and guidance of your students may range from the baby boomers,Gen X,millennials and Gen Z. But,no matter what generation they identify with, they all want the same solution. A fast, secured and reliable means of communication between themselves and the school administration of their kids.


Schooly is here to bridge the gap and make communication  easy for your schools. If you look a few years back, communicating with parents was a hassle as it was mostly in the form of letters written and sent out by school administration which was usually time consuming and stressful.


In today’s fast paced world, it won’t be wrong to say we have the best technology at iclan to manage everything and that is why we formulated schooly just for you.


Schooly facilitates fast and instant messaging features that allows schools to communicate effectively with parents, friendly interface while using the application without confusion and reliable means for parents to access report cards of the academic performance of their kids.


Our solution is affordable, reliable and performance driven. The system notifies parents about fee dues and avoids delay which allows smooth flow of school financials.




By all means, fees and bill payments are the most crucial tasks of any educational organization.  The complexity increases if the institution provides hostel and other services and handling all these services can increase stress levels of staff. Schools also spend alot of time maintaining fee collection details and efficiently maintaining financial records for each academic year.


Upay is a technology-powered digital payment platform which has been made to revolutionize fee collection and management systems in universities and professional institutions.


This solution allows hassle-free and paperless management which can save a great ton of time along with the simplification of fees collection processes, the system allows an efficient record keeping of each transaction as the system functions in a secured way through a payment gateway.


Upay is convenient as it allows timely fees payments and time management as students will not have to spend long hour on queues to pay fees. Reports generated via the system include complete details of the transaction and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.



School fees management for nursery,primary and secondary education in the private sector has been made easier and better with school pay.


School pay automates the collection and processing of tuition fees which is paperless, convenient and fast. The system provides complete visibility and transparency on fee related transactions.


All receipts are generated, recorded, logged in a centralized database and can be replicated for data redundancy. Parents and students can access their individual accounts and view data on fee that is required to be paid.


Previously, payment of school fees was a tedious process. The documentation required for it was extensive. All of these cumbersome processes have been replaced with schooly. Electronic generation and distribution of receipts ensures transparency of all transactions.  The system is available round the clock and there is no time window to initiate transactions.



Sending individual messages to countless recipients is not only time consuming but stressful at the same time. The world had been digitalized and globalized to form a small village as majority of the world’s population connects through real time messaging.

It gets better with time and you do not want to be left behind. Having a means to send bulk messages to individuals, companies, clients, institutions about invites, promotions, reminders without spending too much time and money is the ultimate goal.


I-SMS allows individuals, schools,companies and other institutions to send mass messages on promotions,reminders,invites,requests for feedbacks and much more. The platform boosts of a convenient integration which enables sms campaign progress with excellent delivery reports.



The idea to create advanced marketing software is becoming relevant and needful. Our sms API is designed for ease of use and provides reliable and fast way of connecting with potential clients. This API provides an easy way for developers to integrate sms sending into their programs ad it is very fast.


It also allows businesses to communicate with their clients more efficiently and cost effectively thereby increasing reach and time frame of reach. The increase reach also translates to improved communication with clients. The prompt arrival of messages and the convenience of communicating through sms can increase client engagement.


It can help developers implement any functionality a business may want.



Every business with intentions to grow and expand its coasts looks for ways to make its customers feel seen and appreciated and that is why we invented Digipro to make your clients feel seen and appreciated for their patronage.


The goal with this system is to enable businesses reward their customers with gifts sent through mobile money inorder to motivate customer behavior to grow businesses and ease advertisements and promotions on projects.


However, it is also a good way to build brand loyalty and reward loyal clients. The system is built to use our loyalty system to send gifts to customers, use our ticketing system to do promotions of products, balloting system to enable customers to get gifts easily and real time reporting of your promotion with our dashboard.


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