I-CLAN revolutionizing tech solutions

Iclan upholds the value of inclusion and that is why we decided to include every institution in the game changing tech era.

Incorporating technology in school functions as well as other institutions eliminates time wastage as it reduces workload on staff and helps everyone save time. Time consuming and complicated activities have been simplified by our latest solutions. The advantages of our digital solution over paper work cannot be overemphasized. Our solutions now make it possible for nursery,primary and secondary schools in the private sector as well as universities or professional institutions to run smoothly and without fuss as far as fees payment and management of institution is concerned.

It is a fact that school owners are not always available to analyze the data regarding their schools thoroughly. The unorganized data sometimes leads to poor decision making as data collected manually can mishandled or lost. Digitalizing fees payment and management of institutions using our system will increase transparency between school owners and administrators,parents and students thereby increasing the rate of students performance as campuses will be tension free as is always the case during fees payment seasons with both parents and students trying to meet deadlines with tons of paperwork to be done. By digitalizing this process,campuses will become quieter,tension free and performance driven.

Our solutions cuts through from providing solutions for smooth running of institutions to simplifying methods of communication by making it possible for businesses,schools,developers and individuals to reach tens of people within the twinkle of an eye.Our instant impact with our bulk messaging solutions makes it possible for hundreds of messages to be sent to hundreds of of recipients within seconds. You do not have to go through the stress of sending individual messages to a handful of people.

We exist to provide solutions that can help for the visibility of small,medium and large enterprises and to walk with them in their campaigns and brand exposure and it is for this reason that DIGIPRO has come into existence. The goal of this system is to enable businesses make their clients feel seen and appreciated for their patronage which is crucial to the growth of any business. With digipro,it is possible to send your cutomers gifts to reward them for their loyalty and patronage.

All our solutions are cost effective. We understand that having cost effective solutions to pressing problems facilitates ways for a company,institutions and individual projects to be more profitable and that is why we worked hard to provide the best solutions for less.

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