I-Clan Partners with the Biggest Mobile Money Operator in Cameroon (MMC) to digitalize education sector

To foster digitalization of the education sector while ensuring quality education in Cameroon and beyond, Innovative Clan has collaborated with the biggest mobile money operator, Mobile Money cooperation (MMC), the MTN FinTech wing. This strategic partnership will therefore enable all 10million+ subscribers of MTN Mobile Money to pay the fees of their children(for parents) or their fees (for students) seamlessly on minesecpay.cm or *126*007#. With this strategic partnership, students will also be able to pay their fees without the need of data to enable even those with low access to internet connectivity to do so. This is therefore a new dawn in the education space with the huge innovation where offline payments and online payments are possible with a real time reporting available to school authorities. Schools at their level can have access to the reporting platform free-of-data consumption as MTN has whitelisted the system as part of the partnership agreement to ensure full adoption in all parts of Cameroon.

This is the first of its kind in the entire Central African region and a good part of Africa. The MTN – ICLAN partnership marks a huge transformation in the education sector, which has been hugely applauded by the Cameroonian government and the minister of Secondary Education in Cameroon, Her Excellency Nalova Lyonga. The Chief Marketing Officer of INNOVATIVE CLAN, Nfor Carlton Mbunwe commented on this innovation. In his words, “Our vision of being at the core of digitalization of the education sector is one step further. You will bear with me that the step this time around is a bold step. Through this partnership, our over 4000+ schools will have access to the reporting portal free-of-data consumption, our over 500,000students in remote zones can now pay their fees using offline USSD solution while we re-enforce free-data-consumption even for a web platform minesecpay.cm. It’s a journey we are just beginning and so much more is on the way!”

Through this partnership therefore, all Cameroonian students will now be able to pay their tuition and examination fees with ease and as the CEO of Innovative Clan, AKO JOELLE always puts it, “We exist to make our customer’s lives stress-free!”

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