Easy school fees payment with SCHOOLPAY.


Previously, payment of school fees in Cameroon was a tedious process. The documentation required for it was extensive. All of these cumbersome processes have been replaced with schoolpay. Electronic generation and distribution of receipts ensures transparency of all transactions.  The system is available round the clock and there is no time window to initiate transactions.

The newest and most requested addition to our EdTech solutions package is here! Same lift, new wheels. Schoolpay was built so private schools can join the train of easy school fees payment using technology in place of paperwork which is time consuming, unreliable and less transparent. Schoolpay ensures the following;

School fees payment for nursery, primary and secondary schools in the private sector has been made easier and better with school pay as fees can be paid within minutes and without the inconvenience of waiting in line on long queues .

All receipts are generated, recorded, logged in a centralized database and can be replicated for data redundancy.  The system also notifies parents and students on pending school fees.

School pay automates the collection and processing of tuition fees which is paperless, convenient and fast. The system provides complete visibility and transparency on fee related transactions.

It is equally possible for school owners to manage multiple schools via a single account.

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