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GCE Payments now available online via Minesecpay

The need for financial transparency, traceability and the possibility to have a stress free payment for GCE registrations spearheaded the need to innovate the first digital payment system used by one of the biggest education boards in Cameroon. Some years ago, GCE registration was a daunting task with long queues to conquer which often interrupted […]

Paying tuition fee with Mobile Money via USSD

One way to determine the success of a project is by evaluating its impact. Addressing a problem does not end when a solution is invented but equally making sure that everyone can have access to it. Digitizing the payment of school and tuition fees was a way of revolutionizing the education sector in Cameroon while […]

” MINESECPAY” The Digital Payment Solution for Government schools in Cameroon.

Minesecpay is a central platform enabling the remote payments of Tuition and Examinations fee by parents, students and school administrators. Currently used by all public secondary schools in Cameroon and accepts payments for all examinations under the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board. This payment method facilitates checkout for users by making transactions faster, more […]