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Grow Your Business

We dive into your business, animate it using IT and build the system that makes you achieve your goals while improving profit and reducing cost.

Increase Productivity

At I-CLAN, we develop solutions that will render our customers more productive and perform their task in a more efficient way while assuring their security.

Software Development

I-CLAN has as core service the development of software systems. This service includes web application development, mobile

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence has become an important asset for all companies that want to reach the next level.


IT Consultancy is a key service that we offer at I-CLAN. We help our customers by serving

Know more about INNOVATIVE-CLAN

I-CLAN is a digital company that focuses on bringing real life solutions to the core problems that plague the society. Through our core services, we focus on analysing the environment, identifying the key problems the society face and provide digital solutions that will render lives stress free and more productive while assuring security.We have as core services; software development, IT consultancy as well as business intelligence.

INNOVATIVE-CLAN is a company that was founded by five dynamic youths from a purely IT background that graduated from the university of Buea, College of Technology – the place to be. The team is made up of young IT professionals that have engaged in building robust applications to provide innovative solutions that cut across the core domains of the economy from education , health, culture and much more.



I-CLAN has as vision To lead innovation by providing life-changing digital solutions. We therefore seek on a daily basis to work according to this vision while embarking with a mission of making our customers life much easier.


To make people's life easier. We have as mission to build web, mobile and desktop applications to our customers that will improve efficiency, reduce stress and assure productivity.


A stress free life. We engagae in developing solutions that will render life stress free to our customers and the population at large. We analyze situations, identify the problems of every situation in the economy, then provide IT solutions that will ease life and render the economy booming.

Frequently Asked Questions

INNOVATIVE-CLAN has several ways by which you can get to contact us if you desire a service from us. You could contact the department of marketing and sales through +237682709310 or info@iclan.cm and place your command on the service you request. Once this is done, an appointment will be set with you to better know about your request and an agreement will be signed for job execution
Of course! This is in line with one of our core services which is software development. At I-CLAN, we build custom systems and websites based on the demand of our customers and build systems that ease life for our customers
Far from that!We are a software development based company that does not focus only on web development.We build mobile applications as well as desktop application that ease life for our customers.
INNOVATIVE-CLAN is currently involved in an incubation period at MTN Cameroon on eof the tech giants in the country. This is in line to boost our services and quality of products to suit the high demand from our customers. Much more connections are in the pipeline.

iclan team with cio and mentor de vigny

INNOVATIVE CLAN is a digital company that seeks to disrupt the market and reinvent the society by providing innovative digital solutions to the problems that plague the different sectors of the economy.






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A team of professionals made up of diverse skills that join their skills to lead the company. Discover our Managind director, our marketing team, human resource, technical and financial teams.

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Get the latest information regarding th esoftware company that creates system to make your life a lot easier. Get insights on our latest happenings, our resent trend and where we are up to.

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MTN Cameroon during the 21days of Yelo Care Cameroon engaged in a hackathon

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After the extra-ordinary council that lasted several hours, I-CLAN top personalities finnaly decided

16 Oct, 2018

I-CLAN Gets New Managing Director

The news hit on September28, 2018 like a major headline after the five

Efficient, secured, user-friendly and responsive are just few words to describe your products!You are perfect guys!Good job!

Mr. Mack Magragor


After training these students for three years at my institution and empowering them on the channel of entrepreneurship, I feel accomplished to see the results they are yielding through INNOVATIVE-CLAN!Well done guys!


Director, COT-UB

It feels good using your products!Life is in deed made much easier!I'm eager to know the next boom to reach the market!!!

Michael D. Delgado

Founder, GOBENO