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Experience a brand new world with powerful digital innovations. Let us accompany you in giving your customers a better experience.

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How we can grow your business

We give your business a new digital look and feel while permiting it to accept local means of payment. We accompany to having huge sales and making your customer's journey more amazing. We go Beyond FinTech.

Pay With Ease

Accept Local Means of Payment

With us, You can now accept local means of payment with no stress. We permit you accept mobile money  and other payments without any stress.

We Are your Wallet

FInancial VIsibility

We permit you to have clear financial visibility of how much you have obtained from your business at every point in time with your detail sales. We permit you focus on making sales while we manage the money with ease for you. 

Amazing Experience

Amazing Experience

We make your customer king over your business by providing them with an easy and efficient means of payment while keeping the process easy. We go beyond sales to give your customers an amazing experience. 

Go Beyond FinTech

After Sale Services

We accompany you over the entire journey of sales. Even after purchase, we make it possible to track your customers and get their feedback and provide support. This helps your customers  build trust as we go beyond just FinTech.

what you get

Transformed Business

We take your business and give it a FinTech touch that will permit it have a new feel and design in the customer journey. We make business exciting, highly profitable and easy to track sales. We permit your business to collect all payments with a smile from customers.

Accept All Local Means of Payment with Ease
Have Financial Visibility over your business
Amazing customer experience

What Makes Us Unique?

How it works

Redefine your business by partnering with us. 


Digital Transformation

We permit you to have digital visibility by accepting offline and online payments and synchronising your sales into a single dashboard. 


Universally Accepted

We meet your customers at their comfort zone thereby enabling them pay using their easiest means of payment. We cut across USSD, Chatbot for social media platforms, on-site and online payments.


Full Rollout

We go beyond FinTech to accompany you keep in touch with your customers. We permit you have details of your customers, get their after-sale experience so as to keep the trust.  


Our Chatbot solution

We meet your customers at the comfort of social media and prompt them to pay for your goods and services with our amazing chat bot experience

why choose us

Why our clients says we are the best

We are known to have transformed over 2000 institutions over the past months of existence. We have redesigned their Business and given it an amazing touch. We go beyond collection, to making you experience huge sales. 

We permit our customers accept all local means of payment with no stress. We ease their collection for mobile money, bank payments that leads to easy collection. 

We disburse the money collected via the merchant's preferred means of payment.

No client is more important than you

To us, you are our most valued customer. We crown our customer's king and make their experience with us amazing. 

We actually do this stuff

We have been awarded best hackathon team at the prestigious 2018 Hackathon contest organised by MTN Cameroon and have been referrenced by worl leading companies. A proof that we’re industry thought leaders.

Unparalleled expertise

we worked with top-tier businesses and companies, helping them achieve huge sales  in a dependable, scalable way.

we come up with ideas for you

We believe in tenacity. That means we proactively come up with new opportunities for you to build on our initial growth strategies.

We have worked with the best companies

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