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I-CLAN at the citadel of digital solutions.

 We are excited to announce our new digital products and solutions into the markets. We have been working hard to come up with more solutions for schools,businesses and individual hassles as far as communication,payment of fees and business promotions is concerned.  You must have heard about solutions before but we assure you that our solutions […]

I-CLAN revolutionizing tech solutions

Iclan upholds the value of inclusion and that is why we decided to include every institution in the game changing tech era. Incorporating technology in school functions as well as other institutions eliminates time wastage as it reduces workload on staff and helps everyone save time. Time consuming and complicated activities have been simplified by […]

1st May Celebration at ICLAN

  Labour day celebration for the mental labourers at ICLAN. In Arnold J. TOYNBEE’s words “The Supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play ” Many people often ask how software developers have fun or live “normally” away from their computers or life outside coding as they spend majority of their time […]