GCE Payments now available online via Minesecpay

The need for financial transparency, traceability and the possibility to have a stress free payment for GCE registrations spearheaded the need to innovate the first digital payment system used by one of the biggest education boards in Cameroon. Some years ago, GCE registration was a daunting task with long queues to conquer which often interrupted lessons during those periods as students needed alot of time to fill in forms and complete cash payments before deadlines. The inconveniences registered during this period for parents, students and school administration can not be overemphasized. That is why I-CLAN introduced the option to make GCE payments online.

The online payment method is convenient as it can be done anywhere and at any time with easy to use functions.

Payments are processed through secure channels with no risks of fraud and provide transparency to all stakeholders.



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