Paying tuition fee with Mobile Money via USSD

One way to determine the success of a project is by evaluating its impact. Addressing a problem does not end when a solution is invented but equally making sure that everyone can have access to it. Digitizing the payment of school and tuition fees was a way of revolutionizing the education sector in Cameroon while taking into consideration some inconveniences that can hinder the solution from fully being explored one of which is limited access to internet connection in most parts of Cameroon. This is where USSD payment method which can be widely used comes in. The integration of this method allows users to initiate payment via MTN Mobile Money by simply dialing *126# then choose option 2, next option 3 and follow the steps in the menu for the different actions to be taken.

This payment method can be done using any mobile phone, cost effective as it does not require internet subscription. It is equally convenient to use as it does not require the installation of any apps or an additional software installation as access to the services is already built into the MTN mobile money system and security assured. The USSD payment method is user friendly with an easy to use interface that can be accessible by a broader range of users.

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