Minesec signs approval for Cartescolaire application.

Cartescolaire  application is a system that enables full management of activities in government nursery, primary and secondary schools in Cameroon. It is an initiative aimed at improving communication flow between parents, teachers and school administration on information concerning school and academic activities logged in various portals for the respective stakeholders. A few years ago, finding out information about how your child was doing in school could require weeks of patience for the parent-teacher conference and and a long wait for end of term report cards. This is a thing of the past today thanks to the approval from Minesec for use of Cartescolaire application in schools for easy academic reporting, pedagogic and financial reporting of schools.

Cartescolaire provides parent portals that enables schools securely post information on class attendance, class schedules, school activities and student report cards. This gives parents total visibility on the performance of the children.

It also makes staff management easier as it enables a stress-free student tracking. This enables school administrators to easily manage timetables and schedules, easy student tracking on extracurricular activities, staff attendance. School administrators can equally access school’s financial reporting.

The cost of managing school activities and student performance manually can be time consuming and not very cost effective. This is why the Ministry of secondary education has approved for the digitization of the communications pyramid in government schools in Cameroon which is a critical step in navigating the entire education lifecycle.

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