Minesec signs approval for Cartescolaire application.

It is with the aim of having transparency and traceability of financial entries in high schools that the Minister of Secondary Education signed an agreement with companies operating in the field of financial transaction on Friday, June 01 2018.

From now on, it will no longer be a question of traveling to pay the fees payable in public establishments in Cameroon. Because with the partnership agreements that have been signed between Mtn, Orange, Campost and Expresse Union, payments of all kinds, namely; tuition, examination fees and many other payments owed to the institution will be made electronically. An evolution that will benefit first of all parents, who will no longer have to travel and spend hours in long queues to be able to pay the school fees of their offspring. They will be able to proceed to payment remotely, just using their mobile phone, at any time in complete safety.

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